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    - 允许安装在发射器的快捷方式的应用程序
    - 允许应用程序写入到外部存储器
    - 允许使用PowerManager WakeLocks让处理器进入休眠或屏幕变暗
    - 允许访问振动
    - 允许只读到电话状态访问,包括该装置的电话号码,当前蜂窝网络信息,任何正在进行的呼叫的状态,并且任何一个列表 PhoneAccount的注册在设备上
    - 允许程序访问有关网络的信息
    - 允许应用程序访问Wi-Fi网络的信息
    - 允许应用程序从外部存储读取




CronoActive, a one-click alarm clock.Do you clock in and out for breakfast or lunch?Do you work after hours four missed punchs?If that's so, CronoActive is your app.Do you attend endless meetings, and want to be warned 40 minutes before?Do you want a warning 7 minutes before ending to summarize and set agreements?If that's so, CronoActive is your salvation.Do you make fixed time presentations and want your movile to warn you once in a while? Or when there's X minutes left to go? Or when ¾ of time has passed?CronoActive is the solution.Are you a Pomodoro fan? Do you use timeboxing at work? CronoActive will help you acomplish your times.Do you run for time? Do you need a mark every 10 minutes to adapt the effort? CronoActive will help you.CronoActive is a preset chronometer. With a single click it starts counting backwards.It hat 4 kinds of alarms/warinngs:- Final Alarm: Sets when a previously established time is finished.- Medium Alarm: Rings when a percent of time is done.- Cyclic Alarm: Warns every X minutes.- Previous Alarm: Activates when Y minutes are left to the final alarm to ring.Each one of that warnings can be activated by sound or vibration.Sounds are customizable, so you can play the sound file (mp3, wav, midi or ugg) you want. Volume is settable too.And that all is independent of the mobile to be on silence.Don't waste time! Manage your time with CronoActive.

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