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The free SwitzerlandMobility app is the perfect app for anybody who is out and about in Switzerland either in summer or winter:
- maps of Switzerland from swisstopo up to a scale of 1:25,000 (the best)
- 32,000 km signposted non-motorized routes (national, regional and local)
- complete network of signposted hiking trails (60,000 km)
- 500 routes for winter activities
- 25,000 public transportation stops linked to the timetable of the Swiss Federal Railways (planning a tour with public transportation was never easier)
- information on 4,500 points of interest on the way, such as overnight accommodations, bicycle service stations, etc.
positioning system and compass function (you always know where you are)
With SwitzerlandMobility Plus you can additionally
- download and store swisstopo maps to be used in areas without network coverage (no more problems with dead zones)
- download and store tours you designed, including elevation profile, hiking time, distance and altitude (separately and easily)
Please note:
- The app requires network coverage (useable without network coverage with SwitzerlandMobility Plus).
- No tours can be entered with the app.
Constant use of the GPS may considerably reduce the length of battery life.
Requires a screen resolution of min. 480x320 pixels (HVGA) and multitouch. Unfortunately, the Samsung GT-S6102 or GT-S5570, among others, does not fulfill this requirement.

Updated data from July 2018
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