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Finger Glow Hockey-介绍

Finger Glow Hockey is a cool colorful glow hockey game.You can play with AI(with 4 difficulty levels), and you also can play with your lever,couple,partner on the same device.Completely free to play, easy to start and hard to be the Hockey Master!This game is easy to play.Just touch the screen,control the glow ball to hit the hockey on the colorful hockey table.Finger Glow Hockey Features:- Colorful glow graphics.-Realistic hockey physics.- 2 player mode(on the same device).- challenge mode,more than 40 different levels.- Three cool skins,colorful glow,green football,mech.- Smart AI, your can challenge yourself with 4 difficulty levels ,from easy to hard.Download the game in Google Store now!you will enjoy in Finger Glow Hockey!

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